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cancellation policy

A cancelled appointment within 24 hours hurts three people: you, me, and another client who could have potentially used your time slot. Therapy sessions are scheduled in advance and are a time reserved exclusively for my clients.

When a session is cancelled without adequate notice, I'm unable to fill this time slot by offering it to another current client, a client on the wait list, or a client with a clinical emergency. 

Without a cancellation fee policy in place I would lose the ability to maintain my counseling practice.

My cancellation policy is this: Clients can cancel or reschedule an appointment anytime without being charged if they provide 24 hours notice. If you cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice, or fail to show up, you will be charged whatever amount you are responsible for our session. For example, if your copay is $40 you'll be charged $40. This means that if an appointment is scheduled for 3:00 pm on a Tuesday, notice must be given by 3:00 pm on Monday at the latest.

The only time I will waive this fee is in the event of serious illness, extreme weather or other unavoidable circumstance. If you are unsure, please contact me for further guidance.

Some practices have a 48-hour policy. Some even have a 72-hour policy. Mine is 24 hours which I believe is very lenient.

You can cancel your appointment by calling, texting, or emailing. 

My cancellation policy in not a penalty or a punishment. Most of my clients understand this. Very rarely, there will be a client who will feel that he or she is being punished when they are charged a late cancellation fee. I want to make sure that you don’t feel this way if someday you miss an appointment.

I am not upset with clients when they miss an appointment.  Life happens. 

Please understand that therapy should be viewed as any other important medical appointment would be viewed. This cancellation policy is important for my counseling practice because while a medical doctor can see 35 patients in a day, a therapist generally sees a maximum of 6 to 8 clients a day.

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